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About us

Nima Dawa is our dream come true. We wanted to enrich our pension, which was already run by Pavlína's father as "Penzion u Kubečků", with what is most important to us in life – helping others live a healthier and more meaningful life. That is why we also have our therapeutic practices here.

Pension Nima Dawa is located in the centre of Mladé Buky, a village at the foot of the Rýchory mountains in the eastern Giant Mountains. You can reach here easily by train, bus, and car. The guesthouse is right in the heart of the beautiful mountain landscape, surrounded by hiking and bike trails. Sněžka is just 20 km away from here, Černá Hora only 5 km. Do you feel like swimming in a natural swimming pool, riding on a bobsleigh track or walking a path through the treetops? Or you rather prefer a hike, a ride on a bike or scooter, on skis, with a stroller? We have got you covered and will advise you where to go!

Nima Dawa is also a centre of Tibetan medicine. Tibetan medicine is one of the three great Eastern healing systems. Its roots date back to 4000 years ago. It inspires us with its holistic approach to human body and mind and its depth when diagnosing possible health problems. Whether you are accommodated with us or not, we will be happy to provide you with therapy and counselling according to these ancient but still actual principles. We are also preparing for opening a small traditional Tibetan spa with a steam sauna and baths. 


We furnish our pension in the Tibetan style. And if you are wondering what Nima Dawa means, in Tibetan it symbolises the union of the Sun (Nyima) and the Moon (Dawa) as the female and male principles, wisdom and activity, right and left sides. The correct combination of these two aspects creates a perfect, beyond-personal harmony.


We believe that you will like your stay at the Nima Dawa guesthouse and we look forward to seeing you!

Pavlína and Tomáš Osladil

History of the building

The building was build as a hotel at he end of 19. century.


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